Let's discuss why a priest dreams and how the best dream books interpret such dreams? Should you be afraid of such dreams?

About mental turmoil...

A dream book for the whole family explains why a priest in a black cassock dreams, predetermining a misfortune that can happen to a loved one.

The appearance of the priest in a black robe personifies the repentance and regret of the sleeping person for what he has done. Sometimes, a dreamed plot prophesies to the dreamer a huge spiritual breakthrough associated with mystical practices.

The image of a man in a tattered cassock, according to the dream book, can mean self-deception and a meeting with a person who brings evil.

Even more dream details

Of course, in addition to the above details, there are many others:

  • The priest stands by the bed - the dreamer has little chance of successfully solving problems.
  • Being in church and seeing the priest in a dream is a reminder of the dreamer’s sins.
  • The priest is holding a cross - you should expect help from your relatives.
  • Beating a church worker is a harbinger of bad news.
  • Meeting a priest is a cozy leisure activity.
  • Falling in love with him means the other half has a secret from the dreamer or is deceiving him.
  • Father in a black cassock - life will turn 180 degrees.

At first, the image of a priest can cause fear or fright in the sleeper, because at first glance it looks as if they are warning from above about an imminent negative event or making it clear that the dreamer has committed a sin. However, most often this is not the case at all. In general, the image of a priest is a good sign. You should always remember what he said in a dream, because his words can radically change a person’s life.

If the meaning of the dream still turns out to be not very pleasant, you should not immediately rush into panic or give up. You need to be patient and achieve positive results on your own. You also need to remember that there will always be close people nearby who can help in life’s troubles.

And, of course, the main thing is to understand that when a priest dreams, it is just a warning about life’s difficulties that a person has the power to change. After all, as long as he is alive, everything is possible.

Remember kindness!

Did you dream of a festively dressed priest blessing you? According to the Esoteric Dream Book, night vision means that you need not only to remember the good done for you, but also, when the time comes, to repay the same.

Seeing a priest in a church represents the right place in life that the dreamer has chosen. Did you dream of a priest in rags begging for alms? Help your loved ones, advises the Modern Combined Dream Interpreter.

Why do you dream about a priest according to Miller’s dream book?

Miller's dream book is one of the most popular interpreters, and he considers the figure of a priest in a dream as a warning. The appearance of a priest in night dreams promises danger.

On the other hand, if the priest was in a good mood and told you something, this is a good sign for those dreamers who are pure in soul and thoughts. Be sure to remember the words of the sacred person. They will become your guide to future events.

If the priest in your dream prayed , take care of your health and undergo a medical examination.

The interpreter also attaches importance to the gender of the dreamer; for a man and a woman the interpretation will be radically different.

  • A woman should beware of “traps” and “set-ups” that will tarnish her reputation; the dream warns of a potentially dangerous situation.
  • For a man , get ready for crushing and humiliating criticism, as well as intrigues from an unexpected side, and your plans will not come true.

What's intimate?

It is not difficult to guess, as Dr. Freud explains, why the cassock is dreamed of. This priestly item of clothing in a dream is a symbolic reflection of a condom and the fears of the sleeping person that her partner will not use it at the moment of intimacy.

Seeing a man in a dirty cassock, according to the assumptions of Freud’s dream book, speaks of the dreamer’s anxiety about the insufficient quality of contraceptives.

Why do you dream of a priest in a white or black cassock?

If in your dream the priest was dressed in black , then you saw the usual picture. Traditionally, black symbolizes authoritarianism and hierarchy. A dream gives you a sign that you don’t need to create idols for yourself in life.

You have your own path in life, of course, you need to listen to the advice of authoritative individuals, but without fanaticism.

In addition, you should treat weaker people more leniently and kindly.

Don't take advantage of a situation where someone is depending on you. At any moment, life can change places for you, and then you will have to think about reconsidering your values.

The image of a clergyman in a white robe symbolizes wisdom and connection with God. If the clothes are snow-white without unnecessary details, then spiritual uplift awaits you. You will very soon approach a turning point in your life in a good way. If in a dream you passed by a priest in white, then you will miss something in life.

Whether there will be a second chance, time will tell. If the priest dies, this is a harbinger of spiritual “death.” Your spiritual path will be diverted from the right direction.

Unpleasant moments are coming

Medea's dream book explains why one dreams of seeing oneself in a cassock; it predetermines a meeting with an unpleasant person who cannot be avoided. Such communication will end in unpleasant dialogue and accusations against you.

A man who pretends to be a priest in a dream is identified with a deceitful and vile person who is in the dreamer’s circle of confidants. If he wears a white cassock, the one you consider an enemy is not one.

Dream Interpretation: seeing a priest in a dream

Miller's Dream Book

interprets the priest in the church as a harbinger of the appearance of a spiritual mentor. If he baptizes a sleeping person, no insidious enemy can cause harm.

According to Vanga's dream book

if a priest performs a wedding ceremony in a dream, this is a harbinger of family well-being. To become a priest is the time to realize your mission and give good advice.

Family dream book

believes that being a mother in a dream and watching the priest’s children play is a good omen.

According to the 21st century dream book

Confessing to the priest means finding yourself in a humiliating situation in reality.

Gypsy dream book

considers the priest a symbol of exorbitant spending and extravagance.

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  • 21-May-2020 Alena I dreamed of 2 men in a black cassock and they said that the devil was following us. What does it mean?
  • 11-Jan-2020 Tatyana Hello, I dreamed that I was forced to wear a festive cassock and the priest put a crown on my head, then gave me a censer and sent me off to serve the festive service.
  • 28-Oct-2019 Ira I dreamed of my aunt, who was dressed in a festive cassock and scolded me with prayers.
  • 22-Jun-2017 Nina I didn’t find the answer, I dreamed of my son-in-law leaving the house in a black priest’s cassock.

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Interpretation of the meaning of sleep in popular dream books: Miller, Vanga, Freud, Modern

A dreamed priest is interpreted differently in the dream books of popular authors. Most compilers of dream books believe that the image of a clergyman seen is a positive sign, but the interpretation highly depends on the details and the general atmosphere of the dream. Let's turn to time-tested sources and look at those dream books that are considered the most truthful in order to find out in more detail the meaning of your dream.

Miller's Dream Book - anxiety due to illness

Miller believes that a priest in a dream is a harbinger of illness in reality. Seeing him conducting a service means imminent illness and anxiety. If a woman dreamed that she fell in love with a priest, she should be wary of deception on the part of her dishonest lover.

Seeing yourself confessing to a priest in a dream is a sign of future humiliation and sadness. Most likely, you have committed some act that will soon cause concern for you and your relatives.

If you have seen a priest but not spoken to him, someone may be trying to enslave you or force you into some kind of unprofitable contract. Pay attention to all the offers that will come to you in the coming days. If you spoke with a priest, high honors will soon await you. The priest looked sad or tired - someone will commit an evil act towards you.

If the priest in your dream behaved inappropriately, in reality your reputation is at risk.

Vanga's dream book - help other people

If the priest blessed you, you can count on the support of an influential person; such a dream prophesies success in all matters. Seeing yourself in the role of a priest is a sign from above that you are called to earth to bring good to people.

Seeing a Catholic priest in a dream means quick changes, you will need to make difficult choices and make the right decision. If the priest married you in a dream, expect happiness in your relationship with your loved one. Confess in a dream, from which you can come out thanks to your influential acquaintance.

Freud's Dream Book - take care of your health

Sigmund Freud believes that the priest symbolizes male sexual energy under control, and his presence in your dream suggests that you should strive for safe sex using contraceptives. Otherwise, you will face many problems.

Modern dream book - take care of your reputation

A priest in a dream is a sign of great trouble. If a woman dreamed that she fell in love with a priest, she should be wary of deception. And if the priest himself sought her love, in reality she would be condemned for her love of entertainment. After such a dream, you need to try to look more serious in the eyes of others, even if it is dust in the eyes, at the moment it is better for everyone.

If you confessed in a dream, humiliation awaits you in reality. Most likely you have done or will do something that will cause trouble for you and your family. A father in a dream is a spiritual mentor; a dream with his presence is intended to remind you of your imperfection and the need to work on yourself.

Why do priests wear black cassocks?

02.11.2015 20:10

The robes of priests are casual and liturgical. The everyday attire of monasticism and clergy of all degrees is the cassock and cassock. The cassock is a long, almost toe-length, undergarment with narrow sleeves and a tightly buttoned collar. Cassock - worn over a cassock and looks like a long robe-dress with long, wide sleeves below the palms. Clergymen perform divine services in special vestments.

All church clothes are deeply symbolic and have their own history, so their basis is unchanged. The cassock and cassock are essentially reminiscent of the Savior’s clothing. The word “cassock” itself is of Greek origin from the word “to rason”, which literally means “worn, worn out, devoid of lint”. It was precisely this kind of worn and unsightly, almost beggarly clothing that monks in the ancient Church were supposed to wear. And later, the cassock from the monastic environment came into use among the entire clergy.

The cassock and cassock have their own symbolic meaning - they are evidence of renunciation from worldly vanity, renunciation of all the benefits of the material world and finding spiritual peace. These robes symbolize the robes of Jesus Christ, and mean that monasticism and clergy are called to imitate His life.

But why then was black chosen for such sacred clothes, why do priests dress in mourning-colored clothes, because their calling is to bring goodness and light to the world? Most likely, this choice is based on the severity of the color black, on its solemnity. After all, when you go to the top leadership, it is customary to dress strictly and modestly, and for the clergy God is the king and the boss. But the clergy also have other, colored clothes, blue, white and red, which they put on in the altar before the services of festive masses.

The casual black color of the priest's robe serves as his image of repentance. The priest considers himself a sinner, and, wearing a black light, he realizes all his weakness, all his illness, and he needs a Doctor and Savior. Black clothing of the priest is a symbol of repentance for the laity. But when the priest enters the temple for worship, he puts on festive colored robes - because serving God is the highest joy and it is always a holiday. That’s why churches are always so bright, colorful and festive – this is the house of Light, the house of the Almighty.

Even during Lent, black and purple colors do not represent sadness and despondency, but an act of repentance and cleansing from sin. The seal of the Lord and Savior carries salvation, and the priests, with their robes, carry the call of all to repentance and humility.

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